Patrick put on a sculpting day for the charity I work for, Active8, which supports young people in Cornwall with physical disabilities.

Active8 aims to empower and motivate young people with physical disabilities in Cornwall to become autonomous adults, by developing their skills, confidence, support structures and aspirations.

Patrick’s session proved to hit each one of these aspects. He was excellent at creating a fun, supportive yet relaxed atmosphere which enabled the young people to fully engage with the session.

His was enthusiastic, innovative and dedicated to finding ways to adapt the activity to ensure all the young people could get involved regardless of their ability. The young people came away from the day feeling a sense of achievement as they were able to take away their work to keep and show their families. When asked about the session one young person said ‘I found the support amazing, very adaptive to different disabilities and welcoming of different ideas ‘, which sums it up nicely.

Thank you Patrick
— Samm

When I first started sculpting with Patrick I had never done any before. He was incredibly patient and knowledgeable in helping to design and get started, at all stages he advised and enabled me to achieve what I had in mind.

He gave me the freedom to explore and try things whilst providing guidance and encouragement, ensuring I was also working safely. I have loved the process and it has given me the confidence to develop my practical skills. One element I had not expected is the positive effect on my mental wellbeing.
As somebody who is easily stressed and prone to low moods I have found the sculpting process incredibly relaxing and a welcome relief from negative thoughts. The sense of achievement I feel is such a mood changer.
— Eddie

Patrick’s love of art and the creative process shines through in his approach to teaching. His classes are both fun and instructive even if the student has little or no real creative abilities. By his knowledge and understanding of the design process he will guide and enable you to produce a piece of work way above your initial expectations. For me this real achievement of being in his class.
— Andy